Trigger Warning: This post discusses sexual assault

In the past year, courageous artists and activists of all genders have addressed rape culture and the topic of sexual assault, coming forward about their own experiences and giving voice to those who have been silenced. Lindsay Bottos, the artist responsible for last week’s viral series Anonymous, is one of those voices; in her powerful series Get Over It, she addresses her own assault and the suffering caused by victim-blaming. 




Using her own mascara stained pillowcase as her medium, the artist embroiders her inner monologue surrounding her assault and survival, a fragmented yet potent collection of crudely shaped colored letters assigning meaning to unfathomable violence. Each piece of torn fabric contains within its boxy dimensions cries for help, outbursts of anger, and simply articulated confessionals. Her hand sewing appears delicate and fragile, sometimes hard to read or lacking knotted ends, but against a black backdrop, they are prominent, afforded a three dimensionally and commanding to be heard. We’re listening. Take a look. 



Thanks to Beautiful/Decay

Images via Lindsay Bottos

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