Dirty Girl Reads From 1996 Zine

We posted about the Dirty Girls doc back in March. Everyone here in the BUST office was crazy inspired by these girls who didn't give two shits about what their peers thought about them. They were riot grrrl to the core. They wore what they wanted, said what they pleased, and made their own zines. The original video can be found here. There was a collective demand for an update with the girls. Everyone seemed to want to know how the girls grew up and how they became wonderful women. 

Amber, now a grown-ass woman, has revisited her 1996 zine, entitled SOUR GRRRL. In the video, she revisits the zine she and her friends made. Revisiting those ideas, especially with a few decades of experience under her belt, seems totally radical. If only we all were so brave! Check out the video below and get ready to feel all the feelings.

Images via Dangerous Minds

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