Dem Guts Bathing Suit is So Real

Black Milk Clothing is taking realistic body image to a whole new level this summer with their “Dem Guts” bathing suit—a suit with a print of the inner anatomy of the human body—guts and all! 

It’s nice to see a clothing company which actually recognizes the fact that the women who will be wearing its products are human in every way (including some of the kind of weird/gross ways). 

Lost at E-Minor interviewed Black Milk Clothing and designer James Lillis about their product:

What gave you the idea of designing a swimsuit with an illustration of the human anatomy? Weren’t you afraid that people would be a bit grossed out by the idea?… We’re not particularly concerned with the people who might be grossed out or think our gear is a bit weird – that’s ok, we’re not creating clothes for them. We’re creating clothes for people who don’t mind pushing a few boundaries every now and then.

When asked about reactions to the swimsuit in public, Lillis said:

Our swimsuits generally get a lot of attention at the beach, and the Dem Guts swimsuit would be no different. You get a lot of people asking about it, and a lot of questions about whether or not it’s anatomically correct. It’s not, by the way – creative license!

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Images courtesy of Black Milk Clothing.  

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