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Offering advice for unfortunate girls, wayward boys, and unhappily married couples - as culled from vintage marriage and sex-ed manuals. Hersteria also features a Hussy of the Month!

Let's Stay Together

Let's Stay Together is a community project designed to promote playfulness, love, and romance among couples. The website contains creative projects or assignments, live event postings, project reports, etc.


Commentary about big promises of on-line dating and the desire to just move the groove thing with wild abandon. Do we really need to jump into the life time commitment search again, so fast, so seriously?

Living Somewhat Dangerously

Um, it's a sex blog. Graphic yet funny. Blatant yet humane. Sugary yet nutritious.

more than just boobs and legs...

…a very helpful friend cocked his head one day during a deep, meaningful conversation, and said thoughtfully, “wow…you’re just all boobs and legs, aren’t you?” …sigh…friends… ...

My F*ckingLesbo Blog

Ero blog about all things hot and lesbian.

My Scarlet Conclusion


A hopeful romantics search for love all consuming and the mishaps along the way.

New Site!

Nipples of Venus

A blog about love and sex for one single girl, one day at a time. Chronicling the tempestuous long-distance love affair she accidentally found herself in, and what she's learned about sex, men, and herself in the process.

Our Rockstar Life by Betty Rocket

Personal blog listing the expolits of a married swing lifestyle couple. Penned by Betty, hotwife, freelance journalist, and ethical hedonist, this blog is chock full of humor, education, and humanity. Did we mention sex?


The personal weblog of a sex positive female trying to figure out life in the public eye... plus a whole lot more!

Rabbit Write

Rabbit Write is a blog about navigating relationships. Especially the most important relationship of all, the one with yourself.

Relationship Underarm Stick

Like a protective layer between you & your relationship stink.

Retarded in Love

I got stupid when I found my soulmate.

Scarlet's Letter

Blog geared toward the crafy chicas, the fashionista without an agenda, the writers, the artists, the indie lovers. I will also have a online shop up soon offering shirts, jewelry, and more.

Secret Lovers Lane

Hit 40, woke up and my sexuality woke up. Stuck in a blah marriage in search of extramarital affairs online. Join Cheri as she discovers the world of cheating. Follow her journey to find herself again and fill that emotional and sexual void through man ...

Shades of Red

Expert insider Brittany O'Connell's revealing look at Fetish, Music, Sex, & Life.

So About What I Said...

I'm a freelance magazine writer, newspaper columnist and blogger extraordinaire. This is my story (sometimes hilarious and always honest) - the story of an average woman living life and learning the tango of love with a not-so-average physical disabilit ...

Tales from the ToiBox

Tales from the ToiBox is mainly a product review blog for sex toys and accessories, with a little splash of color thrown into the mix. Love, life, relationships, food, fun, humor, rants, rambles, and general chaos.