Thanks, That Was Fun

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Jordan Lockhart (protagonist of the novel "Thanks, That Was Fun" by Andie Ryan) shares excerpts from the novel and her life. Brash, witty, whip-smart and sexy...if she does say so herself. Sample excerpt: Smiling, Elliott sinks down into the mattress beside me, making the bedsprings groan. He lies on his side and draws me close so that we are facing one another, and I can feel his hard-on against my thigh. I smile, savoring the feel of his smooth, warm skin and press myself to him tightly. "You feel nice," he murmurs, massaging my breasts. "You too." I can feel that familiar ache in my crotch. I take hold of his hand, guiding it down between my legs. "Hold on," Elliott whispers. He quickly twists his hand from my grip and reaches around to grab my ass instead. I moan, thinking how nice it is to be with someone young and cute for a change. And well hung.