Evil Slutopia

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The Evil Slut Clique is a small group of women with big attitudes and big ideas.

They have strong personalities and are brutally honest. They push boundaries and embrace the inappropriate. They have a lot of sex and drink a lot of beer and spend way too much time on the Internet. They write with equal passion on a wide range of topics from dating to politics to the environment. They might be making fun of reality TV one moment and fighting for human rights the next, all the while rejecting the confinement of labels like "feminist" or "heterosexual" or "politically correct".

The term “evil slut” is a tongue-in-cheek reference to what some people might call a liberal, pro-choice, feminist, open-minded, strong-willed, outspoken, powerful woman who has the courage to do what she feels is right (not just what she’s been told) and to be her own person regardless of what anyone else thinks.

There are a lot of people in this world who can’t deal with women like that, so they might categorize them as just some promiscuous, loud-mouthed, baby-killing, tree-hugging, lesbian evil sluts… so the ESC is “taking it back”! They’re taking the power away from those who would use those words against them and are proud to be the evil sluts you think they are, because they would rather be evil sluts in your eyes than frauds in their own.

Evil Slutopia is a magical land where what we do to our own bodies is our choice and what we do behind closed doors is our own business. It is a place where women and men are equal, sex isn't dirty or sinful, and everyone is free to be who they are. Evil Slutopia is the original and main blog of the Evil Slut Clique.