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A blog written by a real, young, female swinger in NYC.


Breaking all the rules, swinginthecity is a blog dedicated to the sexual exploration of a real, female swinger in NYC. Swinging is not just for the grandparents anymore. Swinginthecity is starting a new, sexual revolution and making swinging accessible ...



Rediscovering sexuality after a long dry spell. Explicit content. For adults only, please. "Life is short, but truth works far and lives long; let us speak the truth." Schopenhauer


A young writer blogs about college, relationships, lack-of-relationships, sex, writing, and finding her place in all of it with a pinch of sarcasm, curiosity, and the ability to laugh at herself.

Australia's Screaming Violet

Screaming-Violet is my blog where I post about a wide range of subjects pertaining to sex. I review & giveaway my favourite sex toys, share the exciting sexual adventures I occasionally undertake, and report on truly cool, or super weird sex toys. I a ... Blog

Don’t be misled by the name – I have created this blog and dating and social network to turn negative dating experiences into positive ones. In fact, it’s the exact opposite of what the name implies. This blog and its sister site www.B ...


Brash sexy encounters written wryly by anonymous.

Blowfish Blog

It is a site with entertaining articles for well informed people about sex and anything sexual. Always entertaining and I often learn a thing or two as well. And it has some great items to try as well.

Blunt Delivery

Blunt Delivery is a magical place where your parents don’t read you stories like Cinderella, thus giving you the false impression that if you get a minimum wage job as a maid, some sugar daddy prince is going to come around one breezy, summer day and su ...

Confessions of a Lesbian Slut

Welcome to Confessions of a Lesbian Slut, the lesbian blog for lesbians seeking girl on girl sex. It's about dirty lesbo sluts, dykes and lesbian slut confessions of women who want pussy and lesbians seeking lesbian sex dates.

Desk Full Of Dildos

The crazy freaking stuff that happens to, on, and around one eccentric sex toy copy writer in her freelancing quests throughout the adult industry.

Diva Dish-it-out


My musings on sex, life, culture and politics.

Evil Slutopia


The Evil Slut Clique is a small group of women with big attitudes and big ideas. They have strong personalities and are brutally honest. They push boundaries and embrace the inappropriate. They have a lot of sex and drink a lot of beer and spend way t ...


Women blogging about topics relating to women.


Empowering and practical advice on everything love, dating, relationships, sex, and more importantly self-esteem!

Flirty Kitty


One more neurotic girl setting her thoughts free on the world. Plus, she writes naughty stories.

FUNKY BROWN CHICK is a daily blog with a random collection of rants, raves, and other fun stuff about my life and my dates in New York City. I'm funky. I'm brown. And, I'm a chick.

Grateful Dating


The story of many dates combined with a gratitude journal. I try to find something to be grateful for even in the most unlikely situations. There are dating guidelines and general ramblings as well.