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Deliciously Naughty


The life and loves of a BBW erotica author. My content ranges from opinion pieces to my sexual adventures to the occasional glimpse into my mundane life. This site is not safe for work, and should be avoided by those under 18 for legal reasons.

Delírios de Consumo


Delírios de uma garota totalmente random: que gosta de maquiagem, video-game, moda, idiomas, boa comida, livros, viagens, cinema, compras e tudo o que é cute! Enjoy!

Desirous of Everything at the Same Time


Things I write, read, watch and do that relate to young adult literature. I am a librarian at a K-8 school in Manhattan. I wrote a book called THE MAD ONES that has not been published, and am working on a new book about band camp. Yes, I went to band cam ...

Diary of a Freak Magnet


I collect freaks like black pants collect lint.

Diary Of An English Courtesan


Join the English Courtesan Olivia on her journey from novice Yorkshire social escort & former mistress to international courtesan & luxury travel companion...

Diary of Why


So many questions. Not a single answer. A twenty-something stumbles through dating and life.

Dirt Time


health and wellness, survival, primitive skills, awareness, tracking, herbalism, spirituality and basically living as conscious, connected human beings uncovering many hidden layers of truth.

Dirty Laundry


A fashion blog that WON'T kidnap and kill you.

Dirty Olives


Twenty-something girl's experiments on growing, baking, cooking, silliness, pets/strays, crafting, gardening, planning parties, traveling, and general life.

Dishevelled Stars


Daily updates on music, food, work and the single life in ATX

Distracted by Something Shiny


The riotous adventures of a single Indianapolis-based Web developer who loves purses, buns, and Merriam-Webster's Word of the Day.



"If you love someone, set them free. If they come back to, set them on fire." Commentary from a 23-year-old perspective. One of us is a man, providing you with double the gender fun.

droller than thou.


Misanthropic musings on culture and politics. And meat-themed cartoons. But mostly just misanthropy.



Observations, experiences, and true stories with a comedic flair...

Emily in France


The adventures and experiences of a 30-something American expat living in the French Alps.



Daily Blog of a young 20-Something Blond living her life in Western NY - Diary, Fitness, Reviews and more!

eros, logos


Erotic journal of O, female student and slut. My love affairs, and the thinky and the kinky.



cultural analysis & daring psychologic



Swirling thoughts from your friendly culture junkie/geeky fangirl/liberal bisexual misfit down the hall...