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Bunny's Babblings


Day-to-day babbling of one peculiar rabbit.

bury me in this dress


A journal of a closet optimist

c h i l d. t h a t . m i n d


all about me. a journal, a comic book i produce, and info about witchcraft, vegetarianism, geek stuff, poets and jazz. and things.

C h i m C h u m


Random quirks of a twenty-something writer who doesn't respond too well to nitwits. Sometimes however, she is like one. This little lass would favor her world to be exactly how she pictures- in her guileless mind.

C'est La Vie


I'm your average 20 something navigating the real world. I blog about all the ups and downs in my journey toward my dreams as a young black woman. I rant about the injustices of the world, rave about the books I read and share the things I learn.



feminist observation and analysis of culture in the dark ages of the 21st century

Canadian Down Under


Life as a ex-pat in the world Down Under



Carolution is an exploration and documentation of sorts. Of my life, what it is, what I do with it, and trying to conquer myself.

Carolyn Castiglia - Undiscovered Superstar


A place for my thoughts to resonate in the sound bank of the world, rocking the comic flow of life until a new era of peace appears and fat girls are fashionable again.

Cat the Beatnik


Cat. 15. Feminist. Vintage addict. Bleeds caffeine. Compulsive, impulsive, and mildly Plath-obsessed.

chantilly - folk songstress and performer


observations & opinions of an nyc-based songwriter trying to make a dent in the music biz.

Charm City Chica


Native Baltimorean hon! 27 year old chica who is a soon-to-be stepmommy and girlfriend to a real, live pilot. Also work in a Baltimore trauma center and fight crime (ok, maybe voice my opinions on lifes little disparities) in my downtime.

Cheeky Lotus


City Girl in Small Town. Add baby, home business, and infertility. Stir until crazy. Come for the whining, stay for the cookies.

cheezy cheeky


Writer, lover, player, social animal and world citizen. "If you ask me what I came to do in this world... I will answer you: 'I am here to live out loud.'" Emile Zola

Chelle Writes


This is the internet home to author, Chelle. She shares her personal experiences, writings, and much more. Come join her today and keep updated on her writings. Feel free to sign her guestbook.

Cherry Blossom Adventures


Just an Aussie girl living in Tokyo with her Japanese boyfriend trying to make sense of the crazy(but almost always fun) Japanese world I live in...

Cherry Ocean


An updater for family, friends, and anyone who finds my pseudo-adventures even remotely interesting.

Chicago Sheri


Married female Unix admin Born and raised in Ohio, currently living in Chicago Pictures of dogs, odd weekly websites, humor, mixed with day to day stuff

Chris Rachael and Chaz's Domestic Tranquility


Seven parents. Eleven siblings. One blog.

Cinnamon and Honey


A personal journal featuring handmade crafts, photography and published stories.