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Bits and Books


A quick glimpse into the life of a book obsessed girl, her cat Hemingway, budgie Molly Blue and living in Sydney.

black swan


this is about heart & culture . . . for the rest of us. It's a culture jam where mommy-blogging, feminism, pop, porn, politics, and poetry meet. Like Oprah Winfrey meeting The Onion ~ get ready to laugh out loud . . .



WORDS I SAY REGARDING STUFF A 30-something mother just writing about her life, kids, mental illness, interests and politics.



a blog following me through all of my fun and scandalous thoughts and actions in NYC

Blog Me, Baby !!!


The blog of a 41 yo artist and goddess from Brisbane Australia. art , silly things, craft and WTF??? hilarity abound. Come say hi!

Blogging Matilda


The life and laughter of a sarcastic, cynical law student. Blog Updated regularly with wit, banter, and assorted bullshit :)

bloggo chicago


30-something. Chicagoan. married. bipolar. 4 cats. 4-letter words. and so much more!



Rockin' your world with mad tips and metablogging!



Because my rose-colored glasses are always firmly in place--even if they are sometimes just a little cracked.

Bohemian Bluestocking


mostly knitting, sewing, books, some politics, life as a retail lackey trying to make ends meet in the oh-so-lovely *cough*lying*cough* Berkshires



Life, Love, and the Net



Every day life. Thoughts. Opinions. Comments. Things. Whatever. I decide. You read if you want to. If not, your loss...

Brandy For Sale.


I like the sound of my own little voice.

Bristol Girl


Depressive ramblings of a Bristol Girl. No really- it's quite amusing.

Brooke's Blog


A day in the life of a model - a model with a brain, living in the crazed fishbowl of a world called Southern California (SoCal). A brand new blog!!! Come over and get involved, comment, rant, or just say hello.

Bubbly Red Stuff


I'm an Oregonian, but I've lived in Amsterdam for a few years. These are my thoughts about things from one side of the pond or the other.

Buffy Holt


A girl from Appalachia moves to Europe. To write.

Bumble Blog


Just blogging about bumbling around the web and bumbling through life..

Bummin' Around


Various thoughts and ramblings from a born & raised beach bum.



Neurotic humor for sarcastic hotties. News of the day with a personal slant.