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Bathing Suit Places


Welcome to our forum for passions and hobbies that send a zing through our BATHING SUIT PLACES. It�s an exploration of everything that people obsess about in strange, magnificent, and inspiring ways. So go on holiday with us. Bring your SPF 45 and swim ...



compulsive list maker, gardener, dreamer, popular culture junkie, tea drinker, knitter, geek. that's me.

Bayanjargal-That's Mongolian for "abundant in happiness...


A New York City-based writer, teacher and crafter who loves to go places, do stuff and make things writes about what makes her abundantly happy.



Ramblings and Rantings about family, relationships, and food.

Beatrice Petty


You think you're clueless? Try me on for size!

Behold the Oscure Abstraction


I'am a Apparel Design student somewhere in Seattle. My style is a cross between Bohemian, beach bum, and a seagull throwing up casual neon prepster. I have a need to travel, and exceeding at my goals. I'm Paranoid or deathly afraid of the undead, slime mo ...

Being Tazim


This blog has posts on the various aspects of my being: my personas. I am a UBC student in the Indigenous Art history and First Nations Studies departments, have been creative and artistic my whole life,love to travel, enter (and win!) contests, love aspe ...



mostly purposeless website designed and maintained by yours truly. a daily blog consists of lots of knitting, reflections on life, poor drivers, and reasons why more people should be like me. :)

Below The Eight


Musings of an urban (whatever that means) twentysomething

Benign Objects


Rachel Wiles is a designer, illustrator and writer from Alabama braving another Minnesota Winter at the helm of her design studio, Benign Objects. She is a designaholic. She'll take it anywhere and in any form. An amazing logo makes her swoon. Patterns ma ...

Better than Cheesecake


Better than Cheescake is the personal blog of a 23 year old Arts Student from Melbourne, Australia.

between stupid and clever


It's a fine line between stupid and clever. My DIY exploits often cross it. Knitting, embroidery, screen printing, sewing, you name it I try it. Why buy when you can DIY?

Bibliofemme: RockStar Librarian


Femme lesbian-librarian-bellydancer who loves books, reading, and her cats

Big Blog is Watching You


Lisboa, Porto, Portugal, Morocco, travelling, voyeurism, cool links, politics, movies, art, literature, Futurism, Surrealism, grafitti, music, photography, idiosyncrasy - and more.

birch dryad


brooklyn writer and teacher, my life, my loves



Musings on just about anything I want.

Birthplace of the Process of Illogical Logic


I am: a web designer, geek, gamer and aspiring super mom. This is my portfolio and sandbox in this digital playground called The Internet.



Bitchet is Sarcastic. Witty. Observant. Funny. 90% Exaggerated. 100% Bitchy! Don't believe everything you read... at least not here!

Bitchy Mom


If you are easily insulted or scandalized, stay away! This mom is letting it all hang out and sharing her brutally honest adventures in motherhood.