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As good as it gets?


rants, pics, movies reviews...documenting and laughing at everyday of my life.

ask a cute nerd girl


A blog with various columnists that will take your nerdy or uncomfortable questions that you can't or won't ask anyone else.

At the Top of Squirrel Spur


Random thoughts and happenings here on the farm in in the mountains of Virginia as I tend to gorgeous German Angora rabbits, sell antiques and books, design and crochet items from handspun yarn, and try to find time to sit and spin

Athena's Armoury


Chain Maille isn't just for the guys anymore!!! Join me as I explore mailling, metalsmithing, Etsy, and more. This is the blog behind the Etsy shop of the same name: http://AthenasArmoury.etsy.com.

Attack of the Paper Clutter


My life is made up of piles of clutter and I secretly love it all.

Aunt Jemima's Revenge


One bad sista's view of the worlds of politics, sports, education, feminism, black folks, hip hop, travel, and whatever else strikes my fancy. Come by and add your opinion to the mix. All views encouraged and accepted.



Welcome to the world of a modern day fashion illustrator.

Austin Chic


Austin's blog for street-style fashion.

Autism Vox


Autism mother gets on her soap box.

average everyday sane/psycho supergoddess


welcome to my hall of justice, where the greek chorus living inside my head roams freely



The newly conscious ramblings of a nerdy girl. Politics, questions, activism, and blah de blah rhetoric.

Awkward Digressions


A Blog That Wants Dearly To Be Different To The Others But Probably Fails Miserably. An Ongoing Buffet Of Information About Transgressive Fiction, Fashion, Alternative Music And A Side Dish Of Political Discussion.

azfemmefatale's bitch session


I have opinions about everything and I want to share them with you!

Back Porchervations


Observations made on my back porch.

Back Seat Bingo


I'm an aspiring travel writer who can't afford to travel so I write about other things instead. Baking, music, horror films, picnics.. Back Seat Bingo - all the cool kids are doing it. x

Bad Hippie, No Patchouli!


...where bad hippies babble (endlessly) about knitting, kids, cats, men, books, and yeah...more knitting. Come for the humor, but stick around for the karmic insight.



my own little blog that includes rants about stupidity, knitting and various other crafty endeavors, run-ins with the opposite sex, and a general wry and sarcastic outlook on life.



eclectically random; voiceless in tandem

Banned Breed


An eclectic mix of info on the biker world, personal adventures and commentaries...