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A personal site with my observations, my art, my views and more. I'm a freelance entertainment/travel journalist and web designer and I'm always looking for the next laugh.

[ agendacide.com/glenda ]


An obsessive-compulsive montage of personal writing & digital pictures, infused with bittersweet chaos, by a New York City Filipina. Identity politics, music, multicultural issues, bouts of Catholicism, and what an artist has to do to eat in this city... ...

[Mis]Adventures of Elle Bee


What do you get when a wide-eyed farm girl from Ontario moves across the country to urban Alberta? Her collection of debacherous adventures, thoughts on everything from philosophy to politics and, hopefully, some pictures.



A blogging tale of daily geeky life and things that make a 30something Single gal tick.



all of me I could put in... thoughts, words, images, me...

~Diary of Why~


So many questions. Not a single answer. A twenty-something stumbles through dating and life.