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Where the Lovely Things Are


Where the Lovely Things Are is a blog that aims to be one thing - truly, completely & utterly where the lovely things ARE. A collection of everything lovely, enchanting, charming, delightful, etc. & etc. Art is lovely. Handmade goods are lovely. ...

Where's the Party?


Knocked up, moved to the 'burbs, newlywed, now what??!

Who's The Boss?


I am a bona fide feminist going so far as to get a degree in it (women rock!). This blog is my attempt to reconstruct the definition of a working mom.

wingspan unbelievable


college student between new york city and texas with lots of fashion photography and own photography mixed in.

Women Taking Action


By Freeing Ourselves, we Inspire Others to Do the Same.

Wonders Never Cease


I'm a writer and a mom, blogging to keep track of the wonders I find in life, hoping to inspire myself-- and anyone else who wants to join in-- to keep watching, listening, and taking notes! Broadway Books published "French By Heart" April 2007 and I'm st ...



the personal site of a very amature designer. read my thoughts, download some wallpapers, blah blah

Words & Eggs


This blog is devoted to the beauty of words, whether that be poetry, lettering, calligraphy, vintage ads, artwork, stationery, books, typography, etc..



Blog - Spellbound for a love of words and writing this mother of two boys who loves tech gadgets, prim things and her books, blogs about wonderment, inspiration, whimsy, and other things that have a tendency to cast a spell on her heart.

Yo soy La Chamuca


If you were cool enough to hang out with me in real life, and we were to go get some beers and chain smoke and annoy the other bar patrons with horrible songs on the jukebox, these are the stories I would tell you.

You Just Can't Make This Stuff Up


I encounter a lot of idiots during my day, and this blog is a tribute to them.

Your Creative Genius


a city girl writes about motherhood, music, marriage and making the most of her life in the lonely woods

Your Daily Starches


My daily babblings about well...pretty much everything and nothing!

Your Neighborhood Librarian


Making fun of Rapture freaks since late last month



I've recently restarted my blog to be a knitting blog. Updates and making my blog pretty are going sort of slow right now, as I only have dial up until this summer. I also stink at writing descriptions.

Yukon Jen: A Series of Random Events


Odd series of random events from my random life.



My blog covers my journey to find my authentic self through artistic creation, connection with others in real life and blogland.