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Vagina Drum


It's like peeing while standing up, in word form.

vanessa jean & co


just the vanessa jean crew talking about life and duct tape



Starting off vegan one cruelty-free leopard heel at a time. Sex, humor, music, great recipes, zero pretension and the occasional zombie.

vicki's rambling


an artsy crazy queer girl's emotional exhibitionism about life in college

Vinegar Martinis


Political, Career, Parental and Personal rantings of a semi conservative, closet liberal, Southern wife and mom, working full time and dealing with what life throws me.

Vision Your Dreams


My musings on life when you take action and follow your dreams

Voix de Michele


Really now, you know you want to hear my voice. I'm clever and sarcastic.

Voodoo Jive


Sardonic Observations From A New York Chick: Music, Rants, Reviews & Bizarre Findings - Local and Global

Vu d'ici - Seen from here: Your daily dose of inspirati...


Vu d'ici - Seen from here is a multilingual blog & podcast about life, arts, technology and pop culture. It's also a sketchbook, a personal collage of pictures, daily thoughts, ideas and observations - an audio and video magazine growing online since 5 ye ...

Waiting for Wonderland


A blog written from the point of view of a twenty-something, young woman living on a small island. Sub sections relating to crafting, celebrating, food, community awareness - political/social views, and everyday life. :P Hope you visit!



Knitting and general blog

Welcome To Sonieland!


the rants of an aussie girl who is obsessed with music, politics, geology, pop culture and computers, and who really, REALLY wants to move to the States as soon as she can... not to mention her obsession with Rockstar:INXS and JD Fortune!

What Goes Around - Craft Blog


A blog dedicated to explaining the process behind my crafts. many crafts are made from recycled materials!

What good is cake you can't eat?


Personal blog about anything and everything!

What If


These are the stories of my life, past and present, as examined through the broad categories into which we so often separate ourselves: sex, gender, class, ablism, race, etc. These are my thoughts on the boxes that I live in, and live outside of.

What Liz Said


Born in Oakland, CA. Raised in Washington DC. Terrible teens in Arlington, VA and Great Falls, VA. 2001 - 2006 in Boston. 2006 - 2007 in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. 2007 was also host to a six month stint in Chapel Hill, NC. Now, after resting my weary soul at ho ...

What was I THINKING?


Mom of teenage twins talks politics, food, culture, books, Boston, and whatever pushes her buttons.

When Life Gives You Belly...


Just my little corner of the web - my little square. Everybody's got one, right?

When Tara Met Blog


A personal narrative blog by twenty something Tara who recently moved from New York to Los Angeles, received her master's in journalism and is now working in tech pr. Read about her adventures and mishaps along the way. Fashion and beauty advice, dining r ...

Where I clean out my brain!


Musings on zombie movies, favourite shops, interviews with people I dig, art (some mine, some not), rants, raves, chants and spells! A little steampunk / goth and even a bit of music to bop to. Honestly, anything I set my dark little heart on blabbing a ...