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Some people just HAVE to ruin it for the rest of us and thanks to the internet I have a public forum to whine all about them!

This Girl Called Automatic Win


A stunning twenty-four year old Williamsburg almost-hipster navigates the rocky roads of her smokin' hot life. This includes post-college ennui, the tipping balance between emotional withdrawl and frightening investment, The L train, ten-dollar bottles of ...

this time = this space


My interests are many and varied and I blog about them. They include: living the simple life, reading, organic gardening, vegetarianism, music, art, humor, yoga, self development, environmental issues and coping with fibromyalgia. My blog contains blog co ...

this woman's work


the journal of a feminist, stay-at-home, adoptive mom who writes about being a feminist, stay-at-home adoptive mom and occasionally gets published

Thoughts of a Crazy Red Head


Join me on my adventures thru a cross country move, debacles with men, and life.

Three Rights Make a Left


Essays, journals, and drivel.

Thursday Night Smackdown


Cooking, cookbook reviews, restaurant reviews and more, heavy on the attitude. Expect good food, good pix, and prodigious use of the F-bomb. Who says good cooking has to be serious and fancy?

Tidings of Comfort & Joy


I'm passionate about finding and sharing things that bring comfort and joy in this sometimes weary world.

tiki tiki tembo


she was born in florida, raised in california, schooled in new england and mothers a biracial son in the mid-atlantic... and she's just your next-door neighbor who has parents from the philippines.

Tiny Mantras


Tales of invisible womanhood, newborn inspiration and commodious adventures in normality! A Midwestern writer struggles to unfold gracefully in the murky waters of motherhood, guided by the wisdom of her child.

Tipsy Nikki


The rampant ramblings of a pseudo-vegetarian. Tipsy Nikki loves cocktails, reality tv, the sporadic wonder that is life, and of course her asshole boyfriend. Join her as she discovers herself through blogging.



Musings and memoirs of a grad school dropout. Get a sneak peek at my primarily unpublished fiction, poetry, and prose.

Transient Dreams


Glimpses of Life... Silence and chaos. Laughter and tears. The random musings of a pessimistic optimist who continually ponders on the intricacies of life while pursuing dreams, love and happiness.



Part ex-pat journal, part learning about love, part cheese obsessions, part meat, part homesick, part loving my new life...you never know what you're going to get.

travelling punk


One girl, her politics, photos, daily commentary and observations. Oh yeah, and a guinea pig called Eddie

Très Lola


Très Lola is an online magazine about life & all its fabulous intricacies. It's about being positive & enjoying the simple things every day & indulging, on occasion! It's about common sense advice, less the guff. It's about being healthy and finding bala ...

Tres Chicas


Insights, humor, and anecdotes about law school, politics, music, fashion and more from two chicas -- one from New York City, the other from Houston -- and a Chicago dude.