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the super heavyweight foxyboxing champion of the world


film criticism, weird art, random crap... i've got a lot to say

The Texas Expatriate


A goofy southern girl discovering life, maturity and parental independence in New England. Read through my memories, thoughts, random discoveries & occasional homesick rant. If you enjoy laughing & walking to the beat of a different drumstick, you'll pr ...

the text obscured


Ismat's life and thoughts. Sometimes exotic, sometimes cherry pie. Always bizarre.

The Thoughts of a Wiccan


Proof that there is more to practitioners of Wicca than spells!

the truth about ella


The Truth About Ella. A blog about Love, Lust, Life, & Lessons Learned and all the LOLs in between =)

The Underwear Drawer


Michelle shares her day-to-day life as a medical student in New York City.

The Undomestic Goddess


Food and feminism in bite-sized treats.

The Urban Recluse


Enter the strange world of a 20-something South London gal. I try to escape the world, but I always get dragged back into its insanity...

The Urban Woo


London lady writer on media, men and meh

The Violet Side


AKA Lifestyles of the Unemployed or How to Survive Being Desperately Broke

The Wanderer


Just about me and other crappy things that are going on around me!!

The Well Read Hostess


politics, literature, home, film, celebrities, fashion, writing, writers, humor

The Whimsey of Me


my whimsical musings on everything,... and nothing. The counter balance to my other blog: 'the unbearable bearableness' which is alll about mental health, and my personal shit. oh, did I mention that I'm a counselor?

The Wink


The Wink is an unflinching and smart ass look at life. Sentimental, caustic, truthful and fluffy. Come on in and hear from a mom, wife, tomboy and incorrigible wise ass just what it is that takes the ordinary and makes it extraordinary.

The Wishful Writer


I'm way funny and I blog. About all sorts of things. Like.. I drink copious amounts of diet coke. I have an amazing girlfriend and a guitar I can't play. Her name is Bettye Ruth. My guitar, not my girlfriend. Her name is April. I have an aunt that gets cr ...

the words of a lady.


A personal blog about a girl who comes back from Los Angeles back to her home town.. fresh off of a nasty breakup and ready to kick her nasty addict habits for a new sober life.

the writing of the secret book-length letter


all the pointless happenings in my life as i barely mention the book i am writing to the boy who loves me but won't date me, some of which is true life coming in fiction form.

The Xander and Nico Pod


The cynically humorous look at the life of a single Australian 20-something woman, dealing with a mediocre career, drunken left-wing friends, family with issues...and her gorgeous cat.

thedirtyground.com | blog


A blog about a simple girl who draws some drawings and paints some paintings. And most days? She blogs about it too.