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A peek into my day job as a visual merchandiser for a locally owned department store and also into my studio where I make jewelry from sterling, copper, and found objects such as road signs.

An Evolution: The Word Trade


The truth from my perspective as I evolve from student to successful freelance writer.

an OC girl living in an extraordinary world


I'm just a girl from the OC, CA trying to survive in the political melting pot that is Washington, DC. This blog is a raw version of me--random, sarcastic, neurotic, sometimes annoying, sometimes angry, and always likeable.

An Oxymoron Is Not An Idiot With Zits


The insensitive rantings of a Jewish Princess who has insomnia, lending to way too much time on her hands. 4 out of 5 dentists agree that CP causes nausea, vomiting and headache.



My blog is hodge-podge that includes memories from my 1980's Midwestern childhood; musings on books, films, music, and TV shows that I love and hate; rants about whatever is currently bugging me, and the agony and ecstasy of the writing life. I also frequ ...

Angela Lopes (Pythea)'s Blog


A blog where all my thoughts of the day are registered. It can be about politics, friends, recipes, fun, work, women.

Angie Go Boom


"Angie Go Boom" is a lifestyle/personal hybrid blog "where materialism & poetic idealism meet for tea".



The Diary of a 30-something American Feminist Living in London.

AnGrY yOuNg AnD sTuPiD


This is the journal of a 15 year old girl from the small town of wilmington in delaware. come check it out. i would love to have you



Online journal of a 39 year old mother who enjoys knitting, fretting, worrying, obsessing, and writing about it. Oh, and my husband and five year old son too.



A simple blog about me

annfrankenstein lives


Sometimes I have these, you know thoughts. And sometimes I think they are funny enough to share. Sometimes I am very, very, wrong. xox

anson mak homepage


homepage of anson mak, with blogs, writings on hong kong cultural studies and bisexuality, amk, music, film and video works.

Anti- Me


Web journal with strange news stories, predictions for the future, quotes, links, insults, opinions, survey, and more.

Antics of Misbehaved Records


Our blog divulges all the debauchery that goes on at Misbehaved Records. Misbehaved Records is a record label devoted to the filthy, rock n' roll music that we love. Check us out and see what you think.



Faeries, mermaids and dolphins are highlighted.

Aradia B: the beatnik Pagan poet


a writer, activist, priestess, and poetess from the DC area. My primary interests include interfaith education awareness, healing studies and poetry. The daily posts on this journal focus on religious liberty issues, especially relating to Wiccan, Paga ...

Around the Way Girl


A 20-something editrix working and playing in Cap City. Art, fashion, music, books, politics, and the like.

As Food To Life Letters


Two sister write to each other from their new homes. One is in Botswana working as a Peace Corps Volunteer. The other is newly married and living in Austin, Texas. They write about food, life and design.