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A Secret History


And again, when in the long course of time the story seems to belong to a rather distant past, I am afraid that I shall be regarded as a mere teller of fairy tales or listed among the tragic poets.~Procopius, circa AD 500

A Southern Belle's Musings


"Darlin', don't ever take a Southern woman for granted!"

A star..A cancer..A star


Empowerment blog of a young woman who is learning how express opinions, make a difference, and balance life.

A Total Waste of Makeup


A newly turned 30 year old navigating the dating world and other obstacles.

A Very Important Blog


Ok ok...maybe it's NOT so important. But it CAN be amusing. :)



Confessions of a Mass Market Designer

Absolutely Ordinary


The story of a rather ordinary 20-something college kid .. me.

Acid Indignation 1.0


The corporate-whore comes home to begin life anew as a freelancer and homeschooling mom, making it up as she goes along.

Adventures of Bean


Whatever I stumble upon in life.

AK vs SF


Being an account of the adventures of AK on the perilous and wondrous island kingdom of Queen Calafia; and of the strange people and beasts she encountered; and how she dealt with them; and how she fared thereby.

aka darzy


Secret jewelry-making life of a daytime academic...filled with vegan, etsy, animal rights, and personal info....

All Adither


Seattle blogger and mom is confounded, horrified and delighted by what her life has become.

All That Blooms


The blog of a 24-year-old living in Ohio

Alotta Errata


A 20-something product designer decides to change gears and go green, all while trying to get a PhD in sociology. What on earth has she gotten herself into...

Always Anna


"It's life. You just climb up on the beast and ride."

Amanda Auchter


A fabulous blog on writing, digital art, and more!

Amanda: Failure Princess


our hero takes on mishap, make-up, and the occasional lesbian hook-up. what? you want lots of lesbian hook-ups? okay, i'll work on that.



If you like cats, knitting, owls, sewing, bags, or husbands then you should check out my blog.