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Every Topic in the Universe(s?)


Science, the unknown, and the human race... and how it might all be connected.

Existence on the Island & in the Other Borough


Twenty-something moves to Brooklyn, NY and chronicles all the supremely bizarro but purely fantastic stories and adventures she experiences.

Fighting the Pudge


Getting in shape takes a whole bunch of dedication and then some. Here, I chart my daily tasks in working out, cooking, recipes, and more ... all from the Windy City.



a blog about being a twenty-something girl and the last decade of my life in which it is somewhat appropriate to refer to myself as a "girl." welcome to my life: it's just like yours.

Foxy by Nature


I'm just a gal who happens to notice that the emperor isn't wearing any clothes.

Frantic Panties


This is where my shit gets figured out.

Frill Seeker Diary


Lovely New York natives in the media industry dish on the inside scoop for cheap frills.



a tight mass of hair

From Betsy With Love


From Betsy With Love is a daily update about the beauty I see around me. About things that move, touch and inspire me. I am a designer currently working on prints, greeting cards and all sorts of curiousities for the sheer passion of it! Soon you'll see t ...

From my French window


Personal diary of American 30 something woman living in France with her French hubby and four kids. No particular topic. I just babble about life, travel, kids and just about whatever is going on or getting my goat at the moment.

Fun for the Unemployed


Harnessing the power of the internet and the joys of letter writing to bring you amusement, cheap thrills and inspiration. Come along with me as I apply to be a WIND TUNNEL OPERATOR, infuriate my HOA, engage in food desiccation, and examine a host of oth ...

g e r l


Personal site. Journal. Articles. Reviews. Stuff.



what happens when a crafty chicagoan falls in love and moves to australia?



feminism, mommydom, vulgarity, knitting, crafting, and being british living in america... read all about it.

Ginger's Dish


Ginger dishes about it all, from meatloaf preparation to her Amazon wishlist to stories of backstage band encounters, you'll find it here, hosted by the one and only Miss Ginger.

Gingerbread Latte: The E! True Hollywood Story


The jaded aphorisms of sorority sisters and roommates in a sleepy college town.



my journal site :)



happily married, mother of 2 discusses her life