Benign Objects

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Rachel Wiles is a designer, illustrator and writer from Alabama braving another Minnesota Winter at the helm of her design studio, Benign Objects. She is a designaholic. She'll take it anywhere and in any form. An amazing logo makes her swoon. Patterns make her mouth water. She can't resist a good invitation. And packaging? Be still her heart. Benign Objects produces everything from clocks to wedding invitations and brand identities. In addition, Rachel keeps busy as a writer and editor for The—one of the most highly-respected sits for package design. She also acts as a freelance designer for both print and interactive agencies, as well as a ghostwriter for a couple of medical blogs. She also maintains her own inspiration blog, etsy store and homage to delightful letterhead ( Rachel designs a lot of event invitations, especially wedding invitations, which she loves. Rachel has design ADD and constantly jumps from one project to the next with no rhyme or reason: tea towels one day, baby shower invitations the next. It keeps her on her toes!