Come get your unruly on — you know you want to!

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0 is a blog owned and operated by me, Katy McDevit, a Toronto-based writer and editor who is ridiculously fond of books and art and music and whiskey and stormy weather and swimming and running and typewriters and the colour green and run-on sentences and bad swears. (Especially bad swears.) What I want unruly to be is a vehicle for showing you stuff — stuff created by people — art, craft, design, architecture — whatever you want to call it — and a vehicle for making you sit up and take notice and shiver and swoon and stand on the bus muttering “Holy shit! Ho.Ly.Shit!”. What I want unruly to be is a provocation but only the nicest sort of provocation. I want unruly to excite and inflame and embolden you and I want unruly to kick down the fences that keep the arts and craft and design apart because unruly loves integration and connection and concatenation and alchemy and unruly knows that you love those things too and that you want to read about them and think about them and talk about them and blog about them and dream about them and take them out for a movie and dinner and maybe get lucky at the end of the night with them. Yep. That's what I want unruly to be. Well, all that and a bag of chips.