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(i am alive)


arbitrary reflections from a fairly ordinary life... i'm just your average, over analytical, vegetarian, environmentally conscious, politically liberal feminist. i live just outside of the adirondacks and keep my sanity by hiking, backpacking, creating a ...



I'm a 30 year-old English Instructor at Large College. My loves include books, shoes, Hello Kitty, cupcakes, Prince, pugs, London, and my boyfriend of eight years, M (not necessarily in that order).

2 Be Blissed


northern home girl transplanted to the land of southern belles: a tale of two hoods... sprinkled with bits of radiant bliss.

3 for 365 - 3 Good Things Happened to me Today


No matter how bad the day - and yes, some days it's really hard - I will document three good things! A daily journal inspired by UPenn's Positive Psychology branch.

30 Something...


As a mother, a divorce wife, and writer Chelle feels by blogging entries to this site–of different topics–she can share thoughts, feelings, inspirations, expreiences, and opinions with readers who are interested in empathizing with her entries.

365 Days of Gratitude Photoblog


I'm by no means a photographer. I'm simply a prairie girl with a camera. I live in the big city now, sometimes it's a little overwhelming. In the middle of all the hustle and bustle, I have to remind myself that there is beauty in all the little things.

A barbaric YAWP across the Web.


Random musings of a sometimes political, sometimes mundane mind.

A Beautiful Child


The adventures of the unschooling Parrs: one rowdy-grrrl Mama, her four rowdy-grrrl chicklets, and my ever-lovin' (and ever PATIENT) husband/life partner/whipping boy.

A Blog for the Young and Foolish


A Blog for the Young and Foolish, by the young and foolish. It's my blog, about me, a 17 year old Australian girl wanting more from her life, but still telling the tales from my day to day activites.

A Brain Like Mine: Diary Of A Feminist Housewife


A personal answer to the old feminist question: With a brain like yours, why are you home with the kids? Opinion on arts, religion, culture, homeschooling, family life, love, faith, knitting, politics, science, kids, and anything else that bounces my way. ...

A Gag Reflex


What happens when a hip Gen X Chick finds out that her dead Mommy was a wild child in the 60's? A dark and wacky DNA adventure, written by artist Cori Crooks, that leaves the reader asking... "Who's your Daddy?"

A Girl Who Wears Glasses


"Men seldom make passes at girls who wear glasses."

A Girl Worth Saving


What me save? An adventure in learning the ins and outs of personal finance

A Gringa's Giggles


the random cocktail of me and my life, my family, etc. shake well and serve.

A High and Hidden Place


Just my little corner of the blog-universe where I talk about books, life and being a baby-mama.

A Jumbled Up Mind


the incoherent and sometimes - more often than not - weird thoughts of a young journalist who rambles on about her weight issues and life as she looks through the windows of this big big world.

A Lady's Lair


Welcome to one of the only blogs dedicated to local ladies kicking ass. Don't worry, this is not a man-hating blog. It's my little way of showing you that when people are doing awesome things, it's nothing but contagious.

A Mean-Time Adventure in Life and Pictures


blundering and wandering from coast to coast. getting jobs and quitting them. life, death, and the grey area in the mean-time.

A New Beginning


Wife. Mother. Daughter. Scrapbooker. Liberal. Zen Kabbalist-wannabe. The moderately insane and often contradictory life of a formerly cynical and spritually bankrupt alcoholic in recovery, and my journey back from the dark side.