Crazy Trend Alert! Check Out These Flower Encrusted Beards!

There are two great beauties in this world: flowers and beards. Why had no one thought to combine the two until now? Flowers are a gift from nature, a beauty unmatched until…men decided to grow out their face hair. Am I right ladies? A good beard can churn up my insides faster than ripped abs or perfect man style.

The combination of the romantic and stereotypically “feminine” nature of flowers with the uber masculine connotation of facial hair creates a sweet and charming juxtaposition as men worldwide have started adorning their beards with flowers. The popular blog Will It Beard answered the question we were all wondering, “Will it beard?” by sticking random objects into the beard and photographing the proof.

Source: Will It Beard

Now decorating beards has become both high fashion and internet trendy as photos surface of men all over the world creating floral arrangements in their beard. Personally I adore this trend, and kind of hope that one day I’ll bump into a cute guy on the street with flowers in his beard and know, this is the one. Until then, enjoy these dudes and their flower beards. 

Source: Tumblr

Source: Tumblr

Source: Tumblr

Source: Tumblr

Source: Victoria Vrublevska

Sourse: Peter Yankowsky 

Source for top image: http://wolfeyebrows.wordpress.com

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