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Tefi: egomaniac . collector . purveyor


Welcome. I'll try to keep things crafty & DIY, but there's a definite chance I'll muck things up with pictures of my pets and rants about bad drivers.

The Blog Jar

nerdiness... books... craftiness... books.... mommie stuff... books.... ink.... books....Did I mention I like books?

The Carrotbox


A shopping blog exclusively for rings!

The Craft Whore

comedy + crafts = The Craft Whore

the electric biscuit online adventure club

Someone once described me as an 'angry chick'. I was pleased. I have a lot of tattoos, and regularly fantasise about the end of the world. I go pretty much everywhere on my bike, which I like a normal amount. I knit my own pets, and I am obsessed with the ...

the firefly express

colorful, witty, subversive...with pictures of crafts and flowers! welcome everyone.

The Glossy Project

The Glossy Project is a blog all about Glossies. What is it?, How do you create a Glossy?, lots of giveaways, tutorials, creative challenges and more. By artist/designer Alma Stoller

The Pink Samurai

My blog is about geeky things, some crafty stuff and design. Be prepared for some ridiculousness.

the protagonist studio

this studio of one focuses on the best of what can be fashioned in life, by hand. We cook delicious food, farm in the city, make both Art and Craft, and show others how to do the same (documenting pretty much all of it). Comments and collaboration welcome ...

the story of kat, etc. my blog is an extention of my etsy shop: here i sell vintage and handsewn items for you and for your hom ...

the tiny little girl

a blog about the beaded jewellery and felty things i make and everything in between

Thea's SoapBox


Random thoughts from my brain files. Featuring my craftastic creations. Blog by mama of four in Seattle Craftin' away the rain

Thriftfulness: Gift Ideas for the Broke, Careless, and ...


If you’re looking for gift ideas, you’re in the right place. If you’re penniless, careless, dull, and/or lazy and you’ve still managed to get yourself invited to a dinner party, baby shower, or other engagement requiring presents with your presence, you’r ...

Tilly Types

Musings of an indie artist with curiosities, oddities and splendid handmade finds from,

Tizzalicious Crafts & Cuteness

Crafts & Cuteness! This is my blog about everything crafty & cute! I have tutorials, shopping tips, random cute pictures and more!

Twitchy Knitter

Me and my Knitting...and some other stuff

Venus Knits

My knitting, half-finished projects and a whole lot of yarn.


Not-quite girly domain. Villainess, what more can I say?

What The Coma Girl Designs

A Blog about Etsy, Crafts and other fun stuff.

What's Up Cupcake Blog

A blogspot journal of my crafty endeavors. I love everything from sewing, knitting, baking, dancing, etc.