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Make It

A blog featuring tips, stories, and resources for craft entrepreneurs.

Makery Life

Makery Life follows the adventures of owning The Makery (a shop for handmade and independent design in Louisville, Kentucky).. things i love, things i hate, trends i am into, and general nonsense as per my whim.

Making Chicken Salad

The art of something out of nothing! Craft ideas and projects, giveaways, and more from a one woman crafting machine.


it's all about designing, illustrating and printing

Midnightsky Fibers Blog

A blog about hip and environmentally friendly crafting, handspun yarns, knitting, crochet, tatting, and all sorts of art and found items that Jenn is working on.

misAdventures in Knitting

I am a mother of four and a wife making her way through life's journey.

Miss Chevious Musings

A blog containing craft tutorials, recipes, ideas and tips on starting your own one woman business on a tight budget.


I am a girl. I started knitting while I was in art school at Ohio State University and tapped into a quilting, crafting, hand making world of womanhood that I always associated with my mother, my grandmother, my great grandmother. Now I love to antique, s ...

Momwithahook Blog

A blog where I keep my crochet patterns, write about various charity projects I'm doing and generally any crochet-knit-fiber related news.

Monster Crochet

Currently fighting and losing the battle of a crochet-controlled existence.

Musings at Windyridge


Spinning, knitting, dyeing and the crazy fiber animals we raise. Family activities with our teenage boys and outdoor adventures on our hobby farm and elsewhere.

My Creative Place

Daily blogging with my art quilts, and other creative works. Pesonal stuff too.

My Marie Bee


My Marie Bee is a blog created as resource tool for trends, patterns, colors, product design, fashion, and inspiration in design and life.

Needle Tatting and Other Nonsense

The musings of a tattooed needle tatter. Thoughts on etsy, the handmade commnity, creating and the world of craft.

Odessa's Herbals Blog

A blog about being intuitive, learning lessons fromt he spirit world, being crafty and starting my own business.

Paper Chick


Paper Goods, Fab Finds and Stuff

Paper Pastries Blog

A los angeles based greeting card and stationery company. I'd like 2009 to be the year people started writing again! Sure email is great but nothing is better than a hand written letter. This blog visits stationery stores, bakeries, craft fairs- everythin ...

Paper Squid Inc.

Modern & colorful paper goods for the everyday. As well find some musings, hand-crafted designs, inspiring items & other lovely randomness.


What does stationery evoke in you? Heart beat a little faster? Palms get sweaty? Think crisp, clean notepaper designed by artisans. Shiny, new pens that whisper the promise of a bold, smudge-free scrawl. Step right up, ladies and gents! Take a moment to l ...