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Creative Chick Studios

Musing of a Southern Fried Fiber Artist, Susan Sorrell

Creative Overload

An online knitting/crafting journal of my WIPs, FO's, and UFO's, which multiply every day.

Devil Girl's Good Eats and Libations

Food is good. Good food is even better. Recipes; beer, wine, and restaurant reviews; unwanted social commentary and bitching from a jaded, cynical, smart-ass facing a mid-life crisis

disCARDS: Cut(e) n' Paste

Cut(e) n' Paste: Handmade, one-of-a-kind items, created with love and other ingredients in Pittsburgh, PA.


Photos, lots and lots of photos! Crochet, book binding, print making, and more. Also, world travels, frugal living, and being creative on a budget! You get everything in one stop, by golly!

Enchanted Droppings

A blog displaying my special crap which includes: drawings, crochet projects, other craft projects, sketches, and photography.

Erin Brown art

Drawings and paintings created from my life.

Tagsart, jounal

Girl Swirl Fanzine


The on line resource for the awesome paper zine, Girl Swirl. This site has information on women's health, safety and Taryn's other projects.

Gypsy Coins & Peacock Feathers


Something for everyone: fiber obsession, graduate hell, food, exercise, booze, rantings, ravings, more fiber obsession.... I could go on and on

Half Baked

Miscellaneous musings of the WoodlandSprite

Handmade eco Jewelry

A place to showcase and talk about my hand made eco friendly and up-cycled


color, print, pattern, fashion, inspiration


Focused around art. I blog about my own art journey as well as share the works of others I find along the way. I also try to share the knowledge I've acquired thus far, with art history and different art technique articles.

Indie Pretty Projects

Inspired by a love for handmade and a DIY attitude, Indie Pretty Projects shares inspiration, artists, handmade shopping guides, indie business tips, and tutorials.


I'm a gal trying to keep it all together.

Jenny Karlsson Design

The adventures of Jenny and her aim to make something more of her life and gathering wisdom. This by making and selling her crafts, and living.

jewelry blog for


this online jewelry blog is frequently updated with news about Kelly Meeker Designs jewelry & the website. Reviews of others small business/designer products come up once in a while, as well!

Jillof allcrafttradez

okay really i stick to scrapbooking(with spunk),but what can I say,i am just too busy to do it all!