Craftacular Vendor Spotlight: the Sweet Kili Kili Workshop

The Sweet Kili Kili Workshop crafts cute accessories with an edge. That barrette might look like a simply beautiful flower at first glance, but take a closer look and you'll find a tiny skull hidden beneath the petals. Any piece that isn't complete with a handgun or skeletal figure is still delightfully unique in its own way. Where else can you find a bracelet that features pearls, lace, and a mint chocolate waffle bowl? The Sweet Kili Kili Workshop's creations add a dash of vibrant whimsy to your day, whether your outfit is chock-full of color or needs a little spicing up.

Snag some of Sweet Kili Kili’s gems at the BUST Magazine Spring Craftacular on May 4th and take a look at the Sweet Kili Kili Etsy over here

Check out the Sweet Kili Kili Workshop at...

BUST Magazine Spring Craftacular and Food Fair @ DUMBO
Saturday, May 4, 11AM-6PM
Manhattan Bridge Archway and Pearl Street Plaza, Brooklyn, NY
Free admission!

Photos via the Sweet Kili Kili Workshop

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