Craftacular Spotlight: Hand of Fatima Design


Down here at BUST headquarters, we're eagerly awaiting Sunday for the Craftacular. So to give you all a little taste of what to expect at this slammin' event, we're highlighting some of the goods that will be at this shindig.


The Hand of Fatima makes some fascinating products that seem kind of mystical and magical for the wearer. The Double Agent necklace could've belonged to a KGB spy in a past life. (It's rally a WWII observer's decoration, for you history buffs). The winged piece surely makes a statement.


I'm also digging the Righteous Crusade of Night necklace (the typography and sword motif is fab) along with the Dirty Secrets Room 227 pendant is saucy and yes, secretive. We've all got some skeletons in the closet - this one is just right. 



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