Cougar-Hungry Cubs Tell It All

By Janelle in Sex

Well, this is certainly interesting! COUGARED.COM!? Who knew? I didn’t. Anyway, it has been brought to my attention that ran a survey in the beginning of 2011 asking the “Cubs” (men who love Cougars) what they think about the phenomenon of Cougar dating. 250 Cougar-hungry Cubs were interviewed, 58% American, 8% British, 5% Canadian, and the remaining from all over the world. So here it is: “The Cub Report: Dating Cougars in 2011,” from the most loyal members of the dating site, complete with charts and pie graphs.

 The respondents, the majority between the ages of 20-25, were asked questions like why they date older women and what age should Cougars retire? And I will tell you, not only is this survey hilarious, but it’s pretty interesting too. Because I bet we’re all dying to get inside the head of these Cougar-hungry Cubs…!

 Apparently 34% of Cubs are looking for casual dating/open relationships, while 24% say they are only looking for one-night stands and no strings attached sex. 43% say that there is no age limit for Cougars—something tells me these Cubs are lying though! Even 80% said they wouldn’t care if they found out they were dating a grandmother. YEAH RIGHT! Looks like Sarah Palin wins for most fantasized Cougar, from the Hollywood Hills to Capitol Hill. This research is quite the eye-opener—if you haven’t looked at it, then you haven’t lived. 



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