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When it comes to relationships, there is a fine line between endearing quirks and severe personality disorders. Recently, we ran a contest on the BUST Win Stuff page, asking you to vent about your most traumatizing ex’s for a chance to win a free copy of the new book, How to Tell If Your Boyfriend Is the Antichrist. This illustrated guide will help you identify some of the key warning signs of all types of Mr. Wrong including:

Insufferable bores- Does his dog wear a bandanna?
Married with children- Does he wear novelty boxer shorts?
Trekkies- Does he lapse into Klingon during orgasm?

Here are a few gems from the contest "winners":

“He had red shaggy hair but when he fell, it was [suddenly] gone.  He said, ‘I guess you know now that I wear a hair piece.’ [And to be more specific], it was a snap on piece.”

“He said, ‘I have a small dick, I can’t be choosy.’”  

“Dave convinced me that his Irish family still owned a castle in Ireland and that he was infertile due to a botched appendix surgery as a child.”

Yikes. Congratulations anyhow to our winners!!! And sorry we couldn’t get this book to you sooner.

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