Computer Shopping, Lady Style?
Dell-Honest-Ad.jpgThis web intern has a serious pet peeve - technology marketed to women.

So imagine my dismay at Dell's new site, Della. Of course, given the quality of the last two computers I had before I switched to Mac, I don't expect a whole lot from them. But seriously, marketing a new line of pretty pink laptops as eBook readers/diet monitors? Vomit.

I don't want my computer to be pink - especially at the expense of function. I don't need cutesy little models to hold computers that match their outfits. Really. I'm comfortable with my laptop clashing with my ensemble if that means that it does what I need it to do. In fact, my computer is aluminum and thusly matches every outfit I can come up with.

Of course, if you do want a tricked-out laptop covered in pink polka dots, have at it. But the technology companies need to stop marketing pinkified, watered down versions of their machines and selling them as girl-friendly.

I'm a lady and I can navigate the Apple store just like the boys. Probably better than a lot of them. While wearing heels. But things like Della just perpetuate the notion that quality computers are a man-only area. Which means that we gals have more condescension and geeky come-ons to look forward to next time we go tech shopping.

I do like the reworked ad pictured, though. And some of the great responses out there. -Liza
(photo via www.holytaco.com)

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