Passion of the Hausfrau

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"One of the hottest graphic novels of the summer". Graphic Novel Reporter
Behold, brave readers! Herein lies the first epic hero’s journey told by a mother–the Hausfrau, whose odyssey
is a 24/7 adventure of pandemonium, sleep deprivation, madness, and transcendence. But beware! This
journey is not for the faint of heart, as Nicole Chaison (a.k.a. the Hausfrau) boldly demonstrates in this
brilliantly witty and vivid graphic memoir. The Hausfrau weaves a tale of sidesplitting trials and addresses
age-old questions: Does a good mother have to give up her own dreams? What is a good mother, anyway?
And is there a bathing suit that will fit her gargantuan behind?
"The Passion of the Haus!au is about the trials and revelations that make up the journey I’m on every day.," says
the Hausfrau. "It’s the first hero’s journey graphic novel as told by a real, live mother, and it all unfolds within
the walls of my home and the interior of my Subaru Forester. It is told from the point of view of a mother
but it is a universal story—and it is comedic. Fathers will enjoy it too (especially if they want to know how
their wives’/partners’ mind works)."
The Passion of the Haus!au is an illuminated manuscript—a hybrid of a memoir and graphic novel—which
follows the classic hero’s journey through the amazing odyssey that is parenthood. Fiercely funny, wholly
original, and sure to be recognizable to mothers and fathers everywhere, The Passion of the Haus!au is filled
with the messiness, meltdowns, mayhem and bliss of modern motherhood.
About the Author
Nicole Chaison is the creator of Hausfrau Muthah-zine, a quarterly comic book that chronicles the roller
coaster of passion that is parenting. She wrote the James Beard
Award-nominated Spice: Flavors of the Eastern Mediterranean with
chef Ana Sortun. A one-woman show based on her stories–and also
called The Passion of the Haus!au–opened in March 2009 at the
Portland Stage Company. She lives with her husband, Craig Lapine,
and two children in Portland, Maine.