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At last night's debut of spring 2004, Zentai unitardfavoured a round toe and high spider" target="_blank">http://www.zentai.hk/latex-catsuits-clothes-latex-underwear-c-37_27.html">spider man costume heel for her snakeskin and print zentai suit , though there were also flats. A '50s theme dominated with full circle skirts bearing vintage prints of Venice, like the murals that decorate down-market Italian restaurants. The skirts were topped with fitted shirts and shrunken camel cardigans. The designer also followed a travel theme with ombre shirt dresses, raffia belts, colourful beads, elongated snakeskin bags with chain handles, and rumpled straw hats.
Sheffman thinks Zentai unitardis on to something by covering a variety of options in her stores.
MILAN - Never give them what they expect. After seasons of unbridled excess, the Zentai unitard collection for the spring/summer 2000 could only be described as prim, even lady-like.
Miuccia Zentai unitardabout-face for her signature line could not have been predicted. Zentai unitard , with her catsuit" target="_blank">http://www.zentai.hk/black-with-blue-lycra-spandex-zentai-costume-p-661.html">catsuit predilection for pushing the design envelope, appears to have moved into new territory - the world of quiet good taste.
Following the highly-decorated collection that's now in stores for fall, Zentai unitardhas taken a giant step in the opposite direction with classic pieces.
"This is all part of the education of a fashion consumer. You have to get to the point where you have made too many mistakes and you don't want to waste more money. So you sit it out for a while in your sweatpants. And when you're re-energized, you go back to the mall with a sense of your own personal style. You shut out the slick marketing, celebrity endorsements and the pressures to have the season's big trend. You look in the mirror and decide for costume" target="_blank">http://www.zentai.hk/black-and-pink-lycra-spandex-zentai-suit-p-434.html">costume spiderman yourself what looks good, and more important, what feels like you."