Touch of Asian style

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GoodOrient" target="_blank">">GoodOrient has evolved back from 1998 as a hobbyist Asian theme webstore to what is now one of the leading fully-fledged Asian Specialty E-stores in the world. Proud to say, we are undeniably the earliest pioneers who first brought about the greatest range of delightful Eastern wares onto the Internet. With fanciful selections of traditional and modern Asian-inspired" target="_blank">">Asian-inspired apparel, exotic" target="_blank">">exotic home decor as well as unique" target="_blank">">unique gifts and souvenirs, we have gradually become the one-stop shop for those who aspire to bring home something a little different. Having served thousands of online customers from every corner of the globe,we can truly say that our vast experience in selling Asian specialty goods as well as meeting our customer expectations is second to none.Our website offers an exciting range of Oriental apparel, accessories and home accents from countries around Asia, especially China. Our specialty lies in distinctive Eastern-style apparel with a strong historical influence such as the "Cheongsam"," target="_blank">">"Cheongsam", "Qipaos" or "Long Dress" worn by women of royal status back in the Manchu era and has gained popularity even up till today. However, times have changed and so will styles of cheongsam and the way it is worn. Nowadays, many of our qipaos are infused with a twist of western modernity whilst maintaining its ethnic charm, thus giving birth to the term "Asian-Inspired". Since 1998, GoodOrient" target="_blank">">GoodOrient has been centre of the movement to bring stylish qipao garments with a modern twist onto the Internet. Our clothing designs are constantly innovated according to latest.