Girlyfied Gear

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Girlyfied Gear Manifesto It's about fully embracing ultra femininity in ALL its HOT PINK splendor It's about not being ashamed of ruffles, frills, or tiny details that make our hearts sing It's about sugar and spice and everything nice and occasionally a splash of attitude It's about not paying a million bucks to look like a million bucks It's about singing off key at the top of our lungs about girls just wanting to HAVE FUN It's about upcycling and reclaiming our ex's cast offs and redefining them as our own siren song of girlytude It's about owning, embracing, and flaunting our flaws then decorating them to our hearts delight It's about loving and accepting who we are now and not who we wish we were It's about the crazy rustic refinery of recycled chic at its best It's about being girly and not apologizing for it It's about Girlyfied Gear!