Wicked Plum Vintage - Sustainable Vintage Apparel

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Wicked Plum Vintage cherry-picks the best and cutest vintage fashions for the discerning fashionista on a budget.
We offer only TRUE vintage clothing, picked for it's unique quality, wearability, and in tune with current fashion trends!
Save the Earth AND Your Wallet!
Shop Wicked Plum Vintage today!
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byunoCosa, September 12, 2009
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i've known Angela from Wicked Plum Vintage through online wardrobe site, Chictopian, and she is absolutely most darling person i'ven known - she is passionate about vintage fashion w/ fabulous eyes for finding treasures and the best part is also her price point is great in comparison with many other stores specializing in vintage - plus, the styling - you will know what i mean if you ever see the way she styled her photo shoot ... i am really behind with the online shopping - but i know for sure that she will be my very first person to go to for my vintage hunt .... xoxo