Grab Something Naked! (eco-friendly and one of a kind clothing)

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Grab Something Naked works with the mentality that if we are given alternative choices, we can make conscientious decisions- even down to the clothing we wear.We make one-of-a-kind corsets in all sizes for all curves! We also promote a sex-positive mentality through feminist and queer thought orignal screened t-shirt designs. Our corsets are made from eco-friendly and/or recycled fabrics and our t-shirts come from sweat-shop free companies and are screened locally here in Vancouver.Check it out ladies!
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Great name! We should all be who we are when we're naked no matter what we're wearing. Wear the clothes, don't let them wear you. Modern take on the corset. Not restrictive or a throw back to history, but fun. The clothing can be dressed up or down and the T-shirt slogans are risque in a good way. Congratulations on some provocative yet necessary thought type T-shirts. Good on you for thinking global and local instead of corporate. Love your ideas and your look.