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5 Artisan Co-op is a revolutionary new handmade site that helps buyers easily find handmade products and the artists who make them.

Easily create a Handmade Wishlist from any of the major handmade venues including etsy, 1000markets and artfire with no downloads!

View an ever changing gallery of handmade work curated by co-op members at ByHand Gallery,

Both buyers and artists can create "Treasuries" anytime, from any major handmade venue!

Check out the Artisan Directory, Artists Forum and a lot more!

Spotlights allow artists and patrons to curate their own treasury of handmade work from any of the major handmade sites and post a working version to a blog or website. It can also be used as a Wishlist, or registry for your wedding, baby shower, or house warming.

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Reviews (10)
byoblinaknit, March 2, 2009
this is a fab new site and the sense of community is present - some great ways to promote each other!
You'll be hooked!
ByHand offers great features for both handmade artists and buyers. You can add your shop to the directory for free, blog about your work, discuss selling in the forums and even create Spotlights which allows you to put an Etsy-like treasury on your blog or social network page with links that click straight through to your products! I love it here!
bymgilinfo, February 19, 2009
Awsome comunity
byladedacreations, February 17, 2009
Great site! Great people that run the site too!
byLuminaJewelry, February 17, 2009
Perfect for all artisans - a great community apart from a particular selling venue. Spotlights, blogs, forums, and more.
byrerun42, February 17, 2009
This website is everything that an indie artist could hope for and more!
having all your shops listed in one place is fantastic. spotlights are awesome! love this site!
bylollys, February 16, 2009
How did I live before without spotlights? I mean, they are so versatile. From creating a wishlist, to putting them on my facebook. What's not to like?
byJobie, February 16, 2009
Spotlights rock - it's like getting a treasury any time you want using items from any or all of the handmade sites, and it never expires!