Chinese Hospital Opens Sex Room to get Infertile Couples “In the Mood”

Chinese couples that need a little help making a baby can now rely on the least sexy place on the planet—their local hospital—for passion (at a price).  The Songziniao Hospital in Wuhan city, Hubei province, hopes to encourage couples to procreate in their decked out sex rooms, which go for 880 Yuan (about $140 US) a night.


The rooms look like the kind of “love nests” you’d find in by-the-hour hotels, with dim red lighting, round beds, and plenty of sexually explicit artworks (to encourage the patrons to get busy, of course.) Couples can order porn, snacks, even consult a professional for tips on how to get preggo. Oh, and role-play costumes are available, upon request. 


Images via Imaginechina/Rex features 

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