Check Yo' Ponytail" Doc Proves There is Still Hope for DIY Music

The music industry is a wacky place that just seems to get wackier every day. Being a DIY-driven artist in a corporate world sounds more like a path to grey hair than to success. But in 2011, a few brave souls organized a completely DIY national tour, titled "Check Yo Ponytail." The 20 dates featured the talents of Spank Rock, Big Freedia, Pictureplane, The Death Set, and the mastermind behind it all: Franki Chan.

Franki Chan and his partner Danny Johnson filmed the entire experience of that first tour, creating a visual record of the musical "wild west" they constructed; a living, breathing entity that is practically extinct in the current high-gloss musical landscape. Chan and Johnson have constructed that footage into part-documentary, part how-to guide and plan to release it in 2014. 

They're currently raising the $35,000 needed to finish the film via Kickstarter and have all kinds of rad incentives (besides the obvious of helping out a kick-ass group of people)! I guarantee you'll want to see this doc, which will feature the likes of Grimes and Wavves, so help a brotha out! Get it as a Christmas gift for someone! Get it as a Christmas gift for yourself! Make it part of your New Year's Resolution to help the DIY scene grow!  Whatever your reason...just do it!

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