Case of the Mondays? Cornify Your Life!

phpranPdePM.jpgMaybe it's my second X chromosome talking, but I love love love unicorns. Unicorns and rainbows. Unicorns, rainbows, and glitter . . . and stickers. And now, thanks to the geniuses behind Cornify , the most exciting little internet toy probably ever, I can binge out on all those things absolutely whenever I please.

Cornify works like this:go to their website and download the program to your desktop or bookmark the Cornify link given on the website. Find a particularly dreary website. Click your Cornify program and watch as your desktop explodes into a wonderland Lisa Frank would admire and Liberace would envy.

Cornify even has a downloadable PDF of rainbowy, dreamy, unicorny images to cut out and stick all over your cube/room/car/life.

Learn the art of Cornification here.
~Anna C.

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