BUST is teaming up with The Feminist Press to host the first-ever Challahday Party on December 3rd at The Green Building in Brooklyn. "Challahday," a title combining the word for the Jewish braided bread and holiday, will bring together women of the press to celebrate the season. The event will be hosted by Chef Rossi and will feature some very special guests. Tickets for activists, students and artists are $40. Prices for the generous are $60, or $250 for VIP Philanthropists (includes a special gift). And guess what. Read More
The first time I saw Carrie Brownstein perform, her band, Sleater-Kinney, and my band, Sonic Youth, were both playing the 1997 Bumbershoot festival in Seattle. Watching her on stage, with her flying mop of hair and long arms windmilling in the style of Pete Townshend, I was riveted by her willingness to give it all to the moment. Backstage, her mom told me that Carrie had grown up watching videos of the Who. Read More
On Halloween 15 years ago, I was raped. I was 15, I was a virgin and I don’t know who did it. I’m not going to go into any more details except to say that it was as traumatic as you’d expect, and for a while my life really, really sucked. This is not an article about being a rape victim or a rape survivor. It’s not an article about the emotional after effects or how I came to terms with what happened. Read More
Comedian Sarah Silverman shows her dramatic side in I Smile Back, a dark suburban drama about addiction and mental illness. Silverman’s character, Laney, is living a seemingly perfect life as a housewife and mother of two. But beneath the surface, she’s addicted to drugs, booze, and sex: an early scene shows her sleeping with her husband’s friend, doing coke, and then going to pick her kids up from school. After a binge leads to a collapse, she reluctantly goes to rehab. Read More
The Prettiots have just released a Law and Order SVU themed-song called "Stabler." It's catchy and sure to appeal to SVU superfans and novices alike. In honor of their new song, band member Kay Kasparhauser put together a list of their top Olivia Benson badass undercover moments from the show. Check it out. And check out The Prettiot's new song here: TOP FIVE OLIVIA BENSON UNDERCOVER MOMENTS Season 11, Episode 12, "Shadow" Olivia goes sort of undercover and a sort of dominatrix and says "On your knees, worm" to a __ before forcing him to lick her boot, and its all incredibly dope. Read More
Impress your friends this Halloween by making your face the best costume of the day, with this terrifying tutorial from special effects makeup artist Amy Watanabe   Prep: Grab a palette to mix your paints on and start with a clean, makeup-free face. Have Q-tips on hand to clean up any mistakes as you go.    1. EYES/MOUTH OUTLINEUse a brown eyeliner pencil to draw the outline of “the mouth” as shown, starting from the corners of the actual closed mouth and stopping at the chin. Read More
Candy corn is the quintessential Halloween treat, and who knew you could actually make it at home? This DIY version is a bit time consuming, but the end result is well worth it. Best of all, it’s vegan, so all your pals can enjoy it (store-bought candy corn typically contains animal products like gelatin, egg whites, and beeswax). If you really want to get into the spooky spirit, host a candy-corn-making party, so you can assemble these little confections in the company of friends.   1. In a large saucepan, bring 1 cup sugar, 2⁄3 cup corn syrup, 5 Tbsp. Read More
Everything You Need To Know About The IUD Plenty of pregnancy-preventing people have been washing down daily birth control since the ’60s. But a 21st-century makeover of an older, easier method has recently been giving The Pill a run for its money. The IUD—also known as an Intrauterine Device—is an inch-long T-shaped gadget that is inserted into the uterus by a doctor, sans surgery, and can prevent pregnancy for years. That’s probably why the number of people using the device has quadrupled since 2002. In the States, there are two types of IUDs, copper and hormonal. Read More
Judas Peekaboo Glasses, $65, and Snack Attack Cats Meow Sunglasses, $68, gasolineglamour.com Celebs who want edgy statement pieces for music videos or photo shoots turn to Los Angeles-based brand Gasoline Glamour. Their handmade accessories—from stacked heels covered in mirrors to bejeweled eye patches—have been seen on the likes of Beyoncé, Lady Gaga, and Emma Roberts (in the trailer for Scream Queens). But it’s Gasoline Glamour’s incredible line of sunglasses that really get our motors running. Read More
Tizita Hagere as “Hirut Assefa” in DIFRET. Photo Courtesy of Truth Aid Media Meaza Ashenafi is the human rights lawyer on who the new film Difret, executive produced by Angelina Jolie Pitt, is based. Ashenafi is the founder and Executive Director of the Ethiopian Women Lawyers Association (EWLA).  She has worked with the Ethiopian Constitution Commission and has been active in legal reform efforts, public education, and information about the rights of women and girls. Read More