Best Womens Erotica 2010

Violet Blue confides, in her books introduction, that her job as an erotica editor is like the work of a chocolate taster and what a good one she is.

While some erotica may offer the quick rush of a fun-sized candy bar from Halloween, her collection is reminiscent of a box of truffles: deep, rich, and meant to be savored. Each of these 18 stories is wrought by a deft female hand. One heroine furtively fornicates with a zucchini in her handsome neighbors garden. Another, a horny commuter, revels in the professional-yet-intimate hand of a shoeshine man as he tenderly caresses her boot. And cleverly, the prelude to one stripped-down fantasy takes place at the Apple Store Genius Bar. This collection runs the gamut of basic themes, including interracial lust, auditory voyeurism, and sub/dom play, all taken to a higher and creatively heady plane.