Best Sex Writing 2010

By Lisa Kirchner in Books

The third annual edition of Best Sex Writing, edited by notable sex expert Rachel Kramer Bussel, bills itself as a thinking persons sex book.

And with essays covering ground from the personal to the historical to the medical (with hardly any writhing and bosom-heaving at all), it seems an apt description. In a book about the worlds oldest subject, a few ideas feel fresh, such as John DeVores groundbreakingly sexy willingness to admit that model-obsessed male culture has whitewashed the messiness of human desire, and Betty Dodsons fear that all her feminist sex education has irradiated her erotic life of primal raunch. Theres just a dab here of the overly PC prose that often plagues sex-positive writing with a cringeworthy earnestness, but voices like that of hilariously blunt Diana Joseph, who writes about hearing her son refer to a female peer as a slut, make this collection worth the asking price.

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