Moregasm: Babeland's Guide to Mind-Blowing Sex

Leave no orgasm unturned! The founders of Babeland, the nation's most popular sex-toy business, have compiled a fantastic book celebrating great, realistic sex, both with partner(s) and alone.

What's between these covers that wasn't unveiled in your parents dusty copy of The Joy of Sex? To start, the inclusive and spirited Moregasm offers advice on anal sex as well as anal masturbation, fantasy role-playing, all manner of rarely voiced insecurities, dildos, birth control, positions that stretch beyond whats often showcased in male-centric porn, and frank and accurate but still conversational answers to questions so varied, they effectively stamp out the notion that there's such a thing as normal sex. Complete with beautiful color photos of people in various stages of undress and user-friendly how-to diagrams, this refreshing, visually appealing guide makes for the best sex expert a woman (or woman-loving man) could desire.

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