That Takes Ovaries!

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Bold Females and Their Brazen Acts
-- a book, play, open mike movement &
organizing tool for women and girls' empowerment.

We celebrate gutsy women around the globe, because courage is contagious.

Mixing arts with activism for women and girls empowerment, both individuals and organizations can lead their own Ovaries open mike or perform the Ovaries play in their own communities. Real-life stories about the gutsy, outrageous, courageous things women and girls have done; multicultural, playful, touching true tales of estrogen-powered deeds. ~oOo~ THE THAT TAKES OVARIES OPEN MIKES: Because women everywhere have inspiring stories to share, any woman anywhere (including you!) can lead an Ovaries open mike in her community or on campus, in living rooms or in public places -- 120 held to date. There, gals boast about times they acted boldly, guys proudly brag about the ovaries in their lives -- their mothers, sisters, daughters. All speakers get a chocolate egg wrapped in gold foil -- a Golden Ovary Award for their courage. Events held just for fun or as a fundraiser for your favorite local and int'l women's causes -- including your own organization. First time organizers welcome! Hold a stand-alone event or make it an exciting audience-participatory addition to an already scheduled meeting. Register to host your own open mike at ~oOo~ THE THAT TAKES OVARIES PLAY: Gutsy gals, bold babes, outrageous acts! Combines women's empowerment, activism and the arts. Script available for community groups, campus and professional theaters. Or a performance troupe is available to tour to your site. ~oOo~ SEEKING VOLUNTEER ASSISTANTS, INTERNS, GO-GETTERS GALORE: Want to assist/intern with our organization? Want to organize a big Ovaries event with local or nat'l celebrities? Want to help us fundraise for this powerful, unique, fresh and already proven initiative? Contact: