Mount Fuji General Store and Gallery

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Mount Fuji General Store and Gallery opened in January of 2009 in the tiny village of Joshua Tree, California. At only 200 square feet and tucked away behind True World Gallery, finding Mount Fuji requires a small bit of effort. Mount Fuji is primarily a bookstore featuring new books in genres including contemporary art, architecture, comics and Japanese culture and style.
Mount Fuji is not just a bookstore! We also feature an exhibition or installation by a different artist or group each month. Currently we are showing Diane Barcelowsky of Brooklyn, NY who is well known to those who frequent Cinders Gallery in Brooklyn and Found Gallery in Los Angeles.
Mount Fuji is not just a gallery! We also sell new CDs including Gram Parsons, Flying Burrito Bros, John Fahey, Calexico, Bonnie Prince Billie and other music one might need during a trip to the desert.
Mount Fuji is not just a record store! We also sell a large assortment of Japanese items, magazines, jewelry, t-shirts, bodycare, and tea. We feature goods and products by A Mano Trading Co, Beijo Brasil, Rejuviebagz, Pacifica, Saipua, Small Things Designs, Vesper jewelry, Earth’s herbal Teas and others.
Mount Fuji is not just a general store! During the spring, summer and fall we will be screening films in collaboration with the Echo Park film center. Screenings will take place one or two times per month in our outdoor courtyard, under the stars that shine so brightly here in the desert.
Mount Fuji is not just a movie theater! We also publish a guide to eating and drinking in the Joshua Tree area, Everyone’s a Critic: Mount Fuji’s guide to Hwy 62 Food and Drink.
Mount Fuji’s owner, Chantale Doyle spent a year living in a vegetable oil powered Volkswagen van before settling down in the Joshua Tree area and as a result many of the items carried in the store are things she has deemed necessary for living in a tiny, mobile space. In August of 2009 Doyle will present an exhibition about her experience of traveling through twenty-four states and three provinces in the small coastal town of Shiogama in Japan.
Mount Fuji General Store and Gallery
61740C 29 Palms Hwy. (Behind True World Gallery and Teacakes Bakery)
Joshua Tree, Ca 92252