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307 Knox Records

We are a lo-fi DIY record label run out of Durham, NC. We are rockin' the Triangle and Beyond.

A Room of One's Own Feminist Bookstore


One of the oldest feminist books stores left in the country, Room offers a wide selection of Women's Studies, LGBTQ, and general titles. Check out the new selections of fair trade gifts, greeting cards, and green inspired items!

Actions Speak Louder Than Bumper Stickers


Actions Speak Louder Than Bumper Stickers is the perfect holiday gift for your favorite progressive -- a coffee table collection of the funniest political bumper stickers around. The authors have paired each bumper sticker with a "factoid" -- a tidbit of ...

Albertine Press


Albertine Press is a letterpress print and design studio in Boston. All of the work is hand cranked on antique presses. Custom design and printing available.

Americana Exchange Rare Books


Website for rare book collectors. Articles, worldwide auction listings, and database bibliography of old books of Americana.

Anathema Books



Angela Henry Online


Author of debut mystery novel, The Pleasure of His Company. Introduces witty, laid-back, sexy sleuth, Kendra Clayton!

Arsenal Pulp Press book publishers


From one of the best independent publishers, books about pop culture and entertainment, alternative cookbooks, culture and gender studies, and much more.

Ashley and Tiana

Ashley and Tiana is the story of two unlikely friends, Ashley Glazier and Tiana Thompson, who meet at summer camp in Pennsylvania during the summer of 1982. Tiana, who lives in the Bronx, is into Hip Hop and Ashley, who lives in Greenwich Village, is into ...

Atomic Books


How can you not like an online bookstore that sells Bust and Bitch?

Bonjour Publishing

Publishing site of books by Cherie Burbach.

Brave Girls and Strong Women Books

A collection of 80 books for children which are empowering to girls, all from small publishers in the U.S. and Canada.

BrickBat Revue

Nonprofit L.A. publisher of L.A. centric poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction.

Brown Barn Books


catalog of books for young women (and men)

Captain Mary, Buccaneer


It is 1721,aboard the brigantine "Fury," Captain Mary & her pirate crew fight their way across the Caribbean creating a financial empire & founding the the free nation of Cache Island. While embroiled in her enterprises, Captain Mary also juggles the dem ...

Cartoon Picture Books and Clothes for Kids

Rhyming picture books for kids. These cute cartoon kids books are fun to read for everyone. Plus, shop our related cartoon t-shirts, clocks, apparel, buttons and bags.

Curious Marie

Curious Marie makes iPhone apps for women. Our premiere app Tryst is designed for couples -- helping them communicate their intimate desires in an imaginative manner. Through tasteful and elegant postcards, couples can entice each other with custom-design ...