It's Okay To Stuff Your Bra Featured

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A website dedicated to the anonymous discussion of the look of breasts, specifically regarding Breast Asymmetry, to enhance self esteem. Every woman lives with some degree of asymmetry while some are affected by it more so than others. Site features the blog "Stuffing Stories," an anonymous message board, news and resources for more breast information.
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byscg0009, October 8, 2008
This site is fantastic. First, I love the way the site is designed. It's incredibly easy to navigate and the design is super clean, organized, and pleasing to the eye.

Second, there is a ton of information on this site. It's really cool to hear all the "stuffing stories" of various people and to have a place to go to complain (or even to celebrate!) your breasts. I recommend this site to everyone I talk to!
This website is so smart! I know it's hard to talk about your body, especially when discussing things you don't like about it, but this website gives you a chance to read other people's issues and ideas. I love the set up too, very easy to navigate. It looks pretty new, but hopefully it will grow and help build a little self-esteem for girls with concerns about their boobies:)
You are all beautiful!!!!
byDaane, October 7, 2008
This website is great. It really promotes a positive self image no matter what the affliction. I've sent it to all my girlfriends. I think women need to know that breasts are not what you see in TV and movies. This site helps to do that.